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Hello, I am Harald, welcome to my photo website! Enjoy and thank you for visiting. Since you are here I assume we share a common passion - photography: -) Add to that a healthy appetite for travel and you have the two basic ingredients for the content of my galleries.


I am an avid Nikon-Fan, but carry a small Fuji as Plan B. The question of travelling with a fast prime lens vs. the more versatile zoom, when faced with luggage restrictions, remains unresolved. At the same time I have had few regrets over choices and tend to opt for the prime. Something has always filled the frame nicely. Sigma with their amazing Foveon sensor was a long-term favorite around the 2010's, but they sadly have not managed to keep up in the technology race.

I miss the nights spent in a darkroom, but not enough to go analogue again. I have made my peace with digital, but remain wary of smartphones. While acknowledging the fact that they can produce amazing pictures, and have finally opened the door to photography for everyone.

To me a solid chunky SLR body and lens combination feels reliable, familiar and comfortable. And I often find the interaction between myself and people I portray more resonating and enjoyable.

The mystery of using a light meter and one or more flashlights has been unravelled, at times employed sparingly and in combination with ambient light for pleasing results. I rely on photo editing software for basic retouching, primarily aiming for good picture quality out-of-camera.


My pictures have received exposure in exhibitions, publications and won a few prizes or gained honorable mention.


Myself? Born in Sweden, grown up in South Africa, German citizen, spent numerous years in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, travelled extensively in Africa, a couple of visits to the Asian Region, seen most of Europe. It's a mix of returning to places I have become fond of, and of checking whether the grass is really greener on the other side. Some journeys are work-related, some are taking time off. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Going forward

That's me. New galleries will be added every now and again. Or existing galleries augmented with the odd gem I find on my harddisk. A precious picture maybe that has previously escaped my attention. In the meantime visit me on 500px for fresh content and a little bit of everything.

Safe travels and maintain your joy of photography!


I recently migrated from my previous web provider to smugmug, so please don't be surprised if you came in via "bilderblatt.de" and landed here!


All content on this website is copyright © Harald Mundt, thank you for respecting.

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